Telephone Cord Handset Curly - Phone Color Crimson Red 15ft - Works on virtually all Trimline Phones and Princess Telephones - Landline Telephone Accessory iSoHo Phones

by iSoHo Phone Accessories
15' Telephone Handset Curly Cord Crimson Red - Tough Long Lasting And Resilient 15ft, (Available in telephone handset cord 25 ft lengths as well) Unique Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers! Telephone Handset Curly Cord... Phone Cord - Telephone Cord For Handset. You'll enjoy many years of convenient use from your iSoHo Phones Accessories

  • We are an Eco-Friendly Company and there are plenty of options for making that happen in an eco-friendly way, this product is packaged to eliminate un-needed and wasteful fancy packaging materials - Telephone Cord has a 2 Year Replacement Warranty - no qu
  • Quality Satisfactory Guaranty - 30 Day Money Back Guaranty if Not Satisfied - Landline Telehones Sturdy and durable Telephone Handset Curly Cord - For Corded Phones
  • Classic Coiled 25' Crimson Red Handset Cord - Telephone Cords
  • Replacement Handset Phone Cord - Handset To Base Phone Cord - Phone Handset Extension Cord
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