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by iSoHo Phones
Here's your Phone ticket to a "Time Gone By" in Retro Novelty Phones & Home Telephones

When Corded Slimline Phone design technology was still in it's infancy. The Trimline Phoen was designed as an improvement to the Princess Telephone back in cc 1965.

It was designed like non-other before it, "Sleek & Sassy". The dial pad was moved from the base of the Princess Telephones to the handset, to make it easier to manage calls, muting, flash and redialing, etc...

Made of ABS Plastic, (American Bell Standard), for it's strength, flexibility, machinability, and higher temperature resistance, you'll enjoy many years of convenient use from your iSoHo Phone.

Useful Benefits & Features of Landline Phone:

-Corded Telephones Desk Or Wall Mountable Home Phone
-Also, serves as a great kitchen phone
-Replica Retro Styled Big Button Phones For Seniors
-Fully Modular old style phones for today's lifestyle
-Hearing Aid Compatible
-UL Listed
- Last Number Redial
-Hotel Guest Phones
-Patient Phones
-Lighted Keypad
-Ringer On/Off Switch
- High/low volume
- Stylish Big Button Phone Retro
- Made of ABS Plastic, (American Bell Standard)
- Earth Day Green
-FCC Approved

Did you know?

-The Trimline Telephones' Nickname was "Manhattan Model" unique telephones...
-The original Trimline Phone, in 1965, only had 10 buttons. The # and * buttons were added later.

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