Telephone Cord Handset Curly - Phone Color Black 25ft - Works on virtually all Trimline Phones and Princess Telephones - Landline Telephone Accessory iSoHo Phones

by iSoHo Phone Accessories
Tough Long Lasting And Resilient 25ft Telephone Handset Curly Cord Black, Unique Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers, (Available in telephone handset cord 15 ft lengths as well)!... Phone Cord - 2 Year Replacement Warranty Included - no question asked

  • We are an Eco-Friendly Company and there are plenty of options for making that happen in an eco-friendly way, this product is packaged to eliminate un-needed and wasteful fancy packaging materials - Telephone Cord - 2 Year Replacement Warranty Included no
  • Black Telephone Handset Cord - Quality Satisfactory Guaranty - 14 Day Money Back Guaranty if Not Satisfied - Landline Telehones Sturdy and durable Telephone Handset Curly Cord - For Corded Phones
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