Trimline Corded Phone - Caller ID - Three Language display, English, French, and Spanish - See Through Trimline Phone - Jelly Bean Orange

by Belle Sonecor
Trimline Corded Phone With Caller ID - Large 3-Line LCD Display for convenient screening shows caller 's name, number, time, date, total calls, clock and more... Three Language display, English, French, and Spanish. Additional Benefits and Features:
    - Three line, high-resolution LCD display. - Three Language display, English, French, and Spanish. - Displays name, number, and time and date of the call. - Displays the total number of new calls and number of calls received. - Stores Caller-ID information for the last 70 calls received. - Dual review buttons allow easy review of call records. - New Call Icon with LED indicator as well as Repeat Call icon. - Redials the displayed telephone number. - Real Time Clock. - Low battery indicator. - Requires four 1.5 Volt, AAA size batteries (not included). - Three One-Touch, plus ten Two speed dial memories. - Flash, last number Redial, and Pause features. - Tone/Pulse dialing select switch. - Off/Low/Hi Ringer sound level select switch. - Norm/ High Receiver sound level select switch. - Call duration timer. - Desk or Wall mountable. - Requires telephone company provided Caller-ID Name and Number service.

  • TRIMELINE CORDED PHONE WITH CALLER ID: 70 Name number memory. 3 Line High resolution LCD display
  • FLASH & REDIAL BUTTONS: Hi/Low/Off Ringer Switch - Receiver Sound Select switch Norm/High.
  • DESK WALL MOUNTABLE CORDED PHONE: Tone/Pluse Switchable - Tamper Proof Resistant Blister Packed.
  • NEW CALL LIGHT: Scroll up and down review - real time clock - Requires four 1.5 Volt, AAA size batteries (not included)
  • CALLER ID DIAL BACK: Redials displayed number on phone - allows easy review of calls