Valiant LED Flashlights VLF36414A LED Flaslight and Multi-Tool Hammer

[Military Strength] Energy-Efficient Lighting - Super Bight Flashlight, Valiant LED Flashlights are ahead in acceptance, availability as well as more proficient and they deliver advanced quality over CFLs.  They use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and give off effectively no heat, and last longer, also a emergency flashlight led. Valiant LED Flashlights use light emitting diodes (LED) to produce light very efficiently, also Valiant LED Flashlights are cool to the touch. - FYI: Light output can be measured in a few different ways as follows: 1. Lumens; 2. Lux; 3. Candela; 4. Throw - Valiant LED super bright led Flashlight Benefits: • Outdoor Camping Light. • Delivers powerful Light energy where & when you need it. • Tactical Flashlight Lumen. &bull Torch Flashlight. • Last 25 times longer, avoiding the frequent need to replace batteries, thereby saving our landfills and avoiding water polluting contaminants. •It's small, compact, lightweight, durable, and very bright, also reduces demand for frequent battery replacement. •Extremely Bright •Long Lasting •Sturdy Aluminum body •Knurled for positive hand griping •Shatterproof lens •Heavy duty sealed switch • Uses (3) AAA Batteries (Not Included) •Low Energy Consumption For Longer Battery Life. •Tactical LED Flashlight. •Hammer. • Nail Puller. •Wire Cutter. •Standard Pliers. •Knife. •Saw/File. •1/4" Flat Head Screwdriver. •Wire Stripper. •Can Opener.

  • LED flashlight & multi-tool hammer valiant LED flashlights
  • Hammer, nail puller, wire cutter, standard plier, knife, saw/file, 1/4" flat head screwdriver, wire stripper, can opener and mini flashlight
  • Super bright flashlight torch, shock resistant, battery type: AAA lithium and uses one type of easily obtained batteries
  • Scuff as well as fade resilient, first-rate look and feel - emergency flashlight LED
  • Great for when camping walking dog at night

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