15 ft Phone Line Extension Cord - Bone Ivory

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    ★ UNLIKE THE TYPICAL TELEPHONE CABLE WITH CHEAP INSULATION that cause STATIC & interference instead of the crisp, clear sound you want, we use PREMIUM phone wire INSULATION in our iSoHo landline phone cord for CRYSTAL CLEAR, STATIC-FREE SOUND every time. With a UNIVERSAL FIT, our landline phone cords work easily with any phone or device with a phone jack. It’s our mission to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for our SENIOR and HEARING-IMPAIRED customers to CONNECT WITH THEIR LOVED ONES.
    ★ TYPICAL PHONE CORDS ARE made of WEAK, THIN MATERIALS that break easily, cutting off calls with loved ones & making using the phone difficult. Our iSoHo long telephone cords for landline phones are made of PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABLE materials with SUPERIOR STRETCH & ELASTICITY, so they’ll LAST FOR YEARS to come. OIL & WEAR RESISTANT and great in hot or cold temperatures, our 15FT extension cord needs NO SPECIAL MAINTENANCE, making your life easier.
    ★ OUR ISOHO TELEPHONE WIRE CORD IS DESIGNED WITH EASE IN MIND, so ANYONE CAN SET IT UP, no matter their experience with electronics. Simply plug one end of the phone cable into a phone jack on the wall, then plug the other end of the phone line cord into your phone or device. With MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS available, it’s PERFECT FOR ANY DÉCOR. The 15-FOOT LENGTH of our long phone cord gives you the option to SET UP YOUR TELEPHONE LINE ANYWHERE & MOVE FREELY as you talk.
    ★ 2-YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We know how frustrating it can be when electronics give out, especially telephone accessories. We’ve designed and tested our cord for phone with the HIGHEST QUALITY PERFORMANCE and functionality in mind, for FIRST-RATE RELIABILITY at all times. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your long phone cords for landline, we’ll RETURN YOUR PAYMENT in full. With ECO-FRIENDLY packaging for minimal waste, it’s the perfect phone jack cord.
    ★ AT ISOHO PHONES, WE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO keep in touch with your loved ones. We made it our mission to design the best landline cord with sound quality & ease perfect for seniors. We believe in EMPOWERING them to TALK WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS over the phone, despite the hindrances of age and disability. Our customers are our top priority—please don’t hesitate to REACH OUT TO US with any questions you may have about your long phone cable. WE’RE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP.

Clear, Static-Free Sound—Always

Unlike the typical phone cord with cheap insulation that produces static and interference, inhibiting your ability to hear and be understood, our iSoHo phone cord uses top quality insulation for clear, static-free sound at all times. It’s our mission to make it as easy as possible for seniors and those with hearing impairments to connect with loved ones.

Quality Materials that Won’t Let You Down

Many companies make phone cords using weak, thin materials that easily break, leaving you cut off from your loved ones. Each part of our iSoHo phone extension cord is made with premium materials chosen for their durability and reliability, so you’ll never be without a working phone.

Built to last, iSoHo phone cords are:

● Oil resistant

● Wear resistant

● Great in warm & cold temperatures

● Sturdy & tough

● Superior elasticity & flexibility

Universal Fit

Designed with a superior universal fit, our landline phone cords work great with any phone or device with a phone jack. Its 15-foot length allows for freedom to move your phone unit around as you talk, and it gives you the versatility to place your phone further from your wall jack, so you aren’t stuck putting it somewhere inconvenient.

It also comes in a wide range of colors that match any décor or phone:

● Black

● Blue

● Green

● Pink

● White

● Ivory

● Red

The iSoHo Phones telephone straight cord extension is very simple to use. Just plug one end of the cord into a phone jack on the wall. Then, plug the other end of the cord into the phone or device of your choice.

2-Year Replacement

We offer a 2-year replacement, no questions asked. We know how frustrating it can be when your electronics give out, especially one as vital as your telephone. Our phone cord has been expertly designed and thoroughly tested for the highest quality performance and functionality possible. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your phone cord, we’ll make it right.

The Best Phone For Physical Limitations

At iSoHo Phones, we know how important it is to keep in touch with your loved ones. We made it our mission to design a better phone extension cord for the elderly and hearing impaired, to empower them to talk with family and friends over the phone despite the hindrances of age and disability. We believe in offering a quality experience, all the way down to our eco-packaging that creates minimal waste. Most importantly, we love our customers and are always here to help.


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