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MODULAR TRIPLEX JACK 4-4-4 - Phone Adapter - Modular Jack - Classic White - Allows Connecting Multiple Phone Devices To A Single Outlet - Quality Sound Phone Jack Adapter- TM iSoHo Phone Accessories

MODULAR TRIPLEX JACK 4-4-4 Allows you to connect multiple phone devices to a single outlet. Instructions: 1. Plug the adapter into any wall jack. 2. Plug any three telecom devices into the jack. Wall jack or any jack connected to main telephone. To a phone, fax, computer or other device. Note: most homes are wired for 1 or 2 line service. For 3 lines, the home or office must be wired with 6 conductor or 8 conductor for 4 lines.

  • We are an Eco-Friendly Company and there are plenty of options for making that happen in an eco-friendly way, this product is packaged to eliminate un-needed and wasteful fancy packaging materials - Telephone Accessories - 2 Year Replacement Warranty Incl
  • Classic White Phone Adapter - Quality Satisfactory Guaranty - 30 Day Money Back Guaranty if Not Satisfied - Phone Jack - Sturdy and durable Telephone Adapater - For Corded Phones - Retro Telephone - Rotary Telephone Jack
  • Phone plug adapter phone adapter - Allows you to connect Multiple Telephone Devices to a Single LineJack - Use With our Extension Telephone Line Cord to extend length
  • phone line adapter phone jack adapter -Replacement Line Phone Adapter - Wall To Base Phone Extension Line Cord - Phone Jack Plug Extension - Phone Jack Accessories
  • Phone Adapter Connects Multiple Phones to a single line jack - Durable and Long Lasting Phone Power Jacks - Secure Firm Fix Phone Jack - No Static Phone Extension Cord - Classic White

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