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Surface Mount Phone Jack - Modular Dual Jack - Quality Sound - WORKS great with Phone Jack Extension Line Cord 15' and 25' Modular Single Jack - Phone Jack Plug - a/ka Jack Coupler - Phone Jack Adapter - Phone Accessories - Long Lasting Durable With

MODULAR DUAL SURFACE JACK Add, replace or update your telephone wall jack and increase to 2 (Two) outlets. Instructions: 1. Remove top cover and mount bottom section against wall of base board. 2. Connect the existing colored wires from the wall box to the corresponding color terminal. See simple chart on back of product packaging. Note: most homes are wired for 1 or 2 line service. For 3 lines,the home or office must be wired with 6 conductor or 8 conductor for 4 lines.

Surface Mount Phone Jack Dual Phone Power Surface Jack - Single Line Cord. Phone Surface Jack with Firm Fitting Connection. 2 Lines Single Line Phone Extension Jack. Reliable Phone Extension Cord Ivory.

2 Year Replacement Warranty no question asked

  • We are an Eco-Friendly Company and there are plenty of options for making that happen in an eco-friendly way, this product is packaged to eliminate un-needed and wasteful fancy packaging materials - Telephone Accessories - 2 Year Replacement Warranty Incl
  • Classic Ivory Dual Line Phone Jack - Quality Satisfactory Guaranty - 30 Day Money Back Guaranty if Not Satisfied - Phone Jack - Sturdy and durable Telephone Handset Curly Cord - For Corded Phones - Telephone Dual Surface Jack
  • phone plug adapter phone adapter - Telephone Line Duplex Jack - Use With Telephone Line Cord to extend length
  • phone line adapter phone jack adapter -Replacement Line Phone Adapter - Wall To Base Phone Extension Line Cord - Phone Jack Plug Extension - Phone Jack Accessories
  • Phone Adapter Single Line Duplex- Durable and Long Lasting Phone Power Jacks - Secure Firm Fix Phone Jack - No Static Phone Extension Cord Ivory

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