Telephone Cord For Landline

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    Give your landline phone a solid upgrade with our iSoHo Telephone Cord, designed to enhance your communication. The telephone cord is designed with premium materials to deliver exceptional sound quality and provide a static-free experience that will exceed your expectations! 

    Perfect for seniors and those with hearing impairments, this cord is designed to enhance your communication ten folds. 

    Unlike many telephone cords that tangle and warp, rendering them useless, our iSoHo cord is specifically designed to hold its shape against all. With durable materials chosen for their elasticity and flexibility, this cord will withstand the test of time and maintain its functionality for years to come.

    Key Features:

    • Sturdy Construction: Our state-of-the-art design makes these cords oil-resistant and wear-resistant and ensures superior elasticity & flexibility. 
    • Universal Fit: Our cord is designed to be compatible with every device with a phone jack. Available in 2 sizes to meet your requirements.
    • Multiple Colors: Choose from 7 different colors, including black, green, pink, and more, that match your room’s decor!
    • Unique Design: The coil design makes it easy to install and prevents it from being tangled, so you never experience any inconveniences or disrupted voice quality. 

    Our promise to you: 

    If your cord gets tangled in the first 2 years of purchase, please get in touch and we will handle the problem for you! 

    Additionally, our 30-day satisfaction guarantee lets you return the product hassle-free if you are unsatisfied.


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